In Britain, the unpredictability of our weather in turn affects the availability and the seasonality of our British produce.

With that in mind we now leave the choices to what we use on our menu in the hands of our suppliers.
They’re the experts in their produce, they now tell us what is at its best and when to use them.

Top quality ingredients at their very best are often only available in small quantities, so our menus can change on a daily basis to reflect this.

The customer can now benefit by knowing everything on their plate is at the height of its freshness and seasonality.

At House of Tides our style is balanced between ambition and tradition in both flavours and choice of ingredients,
inspired from our country’s cooking heritage & modern techniques.
Our menu is served over a set tasting menu, we feel this is the best way to showcase the very best produce and flavours in our dishes.

The Seasons 2017
Spring: 20th March – 20th June
Summer: 21st June – 21st September
Autumn: 22nd September – 20th December
Winter: 21st December – 19th March

Dietary Requirements
Please inform us of any dietary requirements upon booking.
Whilst we can cater for most dietary requirements with a minimum of 24 hours notice given.
Unfortunately due to the extensive length and the amount of components to our menus we are unable to offer a tasting menu suitable for some very restricted diets & allergies.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Food & Wine